FAQs for RI based not-for-profit organization, The Derrick Cazard Foundation


Who qualifies for funds?

You qualify to apply for your child if you are a parent with a child or adolescent up to age 18 that is a resident of Aquidneck Island, and if your family meets the income criterion.

How do I apply?

Contact us at derrickcazardfoundation.org.

What kinds of activities can I apply for?

You can apply for a broad range of activities. This includes sports, artistic, cultural, or educational activities that will enhance your child's development.

How much can I apply for and how often can I apply?

You can apply for up to 200.00 per family every 6 months as we are a new organization with limited funds. In the future, we will increase this amount as we grow and it will be posted on the web site.

How does the application process work?

Contact us at the derrickcazardfoundation.org. Send your address and we will send you an application. Fill out the application completely and mail it to Derrick Cazard Foundation, PO 1013, Newport, RI 02840. Please include contact information for the organization or place offering the activity you are applying for. Your names will be kept confidential and the board will approve or disapprove your request within 1-2 weeks of receiving your application based on the other information you provide. If you are not approved, you will be given a written explanation as to why, or you will be notified of any additional information needed. If you are approved, you will also be notified and a check from the foundation will be written directly to the organization providing the activity.

For more information: Contact Us