Code of Ethics for RI based not-for-profit organization, The Derrick Cazard Foundation


The Derrick Cazard Foundation is based on the premise that taking care of our youth is a community and societal obligation. We are committed to promoting positive experiences and self-determination for all youth, whenever possible, and within the ethical limits of our organization.

Code of Ethics

Listed below is the Code of Ethics followed by The Derrick Cazard Foundation

  1. We maintain a commitment to the public good by representing the best interest of all youth and families in our community. Our sole purpose is to enhance life experiences by means of procuring funds for new opportunities to benefit our youth.
  2. We will protect the confidentiality and integrity of all youth and family members receiving scholarships.
  3. We will respect the dignity and worth of all individuals and not exploit, manipulate, or deceive others for our own personal business, philosophies, or political interests, maintaining accountability to the public.
  4. We will not prescribe, diagnose, or recommend any medical advice and, will refer a client or family member that requests a need for additional services to the appropriate professional.
  5. We will support due process in the event of a conflict of interest and refer all beneficiaries for proper representation. In the case of internal conflict of interest, guidelines will be followed in accordance with the articles and bylaws of our governing organizational document.
  6. We will maintain a board of directors and committee members from diverse backgrounds that represent a wide range of perspectives, including our recipient population. We are committed to eliminating all bias, to the best of our ability, when dealing with others based on race, gender, social class, and sexual orientation. If bias occurs, we will hold each other accountable and work toward resolution of these issues.
  7. We will maintain responsible stewardship of resources and remain transparent to ensure the public trust.
  8. We will conduct business transactions and joint partnership ventures within the legal boundaries of all non-profit organizations and beyond minimal requirements. For more information see;