About Derrick Cazard

About Derrick

Derrick Cazard


As I looked in the mirror I saw a reflection,
Slowly but surely I made the connection,
It was somewhere beneath the mask on all faces,
Of the people I knew who left behind traces,
I was looking to find what had long been forgot,
Under the transparent disguise of what other kids thought,
I felt I had lost my protagonistic like role,
Amidst the ambiguity of the collective whole,
I searched deep inside for what I had longed for,
Trying to resolve this internal war,
When the truth became clear, much to my surprise,
All I need do was to open my eyes,
On a quest to find identity and make the right choice,
I needed only the direction of my true inner voice

Derrick Cazard, Age 14

Cazard, D. M. (1998). Reflections. In, Anthology of poetry by young americans: Vol. 2. (p. 157).
Asheboro, NC: Anthology of Poetry, Inc.