Kaitlin Mcfadden: Secretary for the RI based not-for-profit organization, The Derrick Cazard Foundation

Kaitlin Mcfadden - Secretary

Kaitlin Mcfadden

Kaitlin is a Registered Nurse, working as the Nurse Manager of the Interventional Radiology Department at UMass Memorial Medical Center. Through 10 years of nursing experience she has gained compassion and respect for all people, regardless of their social standing and financial status. Her fondness of children can easily be found both in her work with pediatrics as well as in her personal life with her four nieces. She advocates the importance of allowing children to realize their potential through exposure and experience, something not all families are able to afford. Kaitlin is passionate about helping children that may not be capable of helping themselves, a passion she shared with her close friend Derrick, whom this foundation is named after.

Kaitlin believes in equality of opportunity and is committed to helping kids get the “right start” no matter their financial burdens. She is motivated to care for those in need through nursing, as well as through the Derrick Cazard Foundation.

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